X-Men Dark Phoenix: Taylor Swift in the role of Dazzler?

Cinema 27 June, 2017

Taylor Swift will be in the upcoming X-Men movie? In any case his potential role suits him perfectly.
That was to be expected, but with the announcement of Dazzler’s arrival in the upcoming X-Men movie of the 20th Century Fox, a rumor of this kind could happen very quickly. Without real surprise, it is learned that Taylor Swift could play Alison Blaire in the next film , but why is it (almost) an obvious. First because Taylor Swift cartons with her album 1989 and that the singer is very bankable for the film, in the same way that Valerian plays quite a lot on the presence of Rihanna in the film. But we’re not going to lie, the role of Dazzler goes to him like a glove.
We are talking about Alison Blaire, a mutant who is also an ultra famous pop star in the Marvel universe, blonde and rather cute. It is capable of transforming sound waves into rays of luminous energy . Admit that Taylor Swift would have some advantages for the role and one can even imagine a new piece composed solely for the film, history to make its promo. The producer of the X-Men films, Simon Kinberg, is a recognized fan of Taylor Swift and it would not be surprising to see him approach the singer for the role. If she already had a few roles, Dazzler’s should be a step above what she could do before and a real baptism of fire, far from her clash with Katy Perry .