Xavier Deluc: Captain Bernier of “Research Section” is Scientologist

Entertainment 19 January, 2017

Since 2006, Xavier Deluc lent his features to Captain Martin Bernier ( Research Section on TF1). The 58-year-old actor said he had emerged from a bad past (drugs, alcohol) thanks to the Church of Scientology, considered a sect in France.

Xavier Deluc is a discreet actor. The hero of the police series of TF1, Research Section, who in 2007 published a thriller amid passionate love ( Ton echo does not die ) and engages in a naive painting is rare in the media. Recently, it has however met our colleagues from Paris it will charge its infancy, he was part of a youth ” a little snob, who mixed alcohol and drugs .” And that he is for years Scientologist. ” It’s my life choices, he said. It is expensive and precious, but this is my personal freedom. ”
This membership of the Church of Scientology dates back to 1988. After having found addictions that he believed could have been lost, he founded the association “No to drugs, yes, to life” and affirms, in 2013, Nice morning in ” L is Scientology helped me understand myself and know, with my real family, a harmony that I had not. […] The reality is that I almost fucked my life in the air. ”
Established in 1950 by Ron Hubbard, Scientology is considered a religion in the United States, and a sect in France. Some former members have denounced his practices, including scams and brainwashing. Scientologists, on the other hand, complain of a stubbornness they would suffer. And if over the Atlantic celebrities like Tom Cruise or John Travolta display their belonging, in France, Xavier Deluc is a priori the only one.