Yann Moix cropped by Lea Salame after his blunder

Entertainment 17 January, 2017

Last week, Yann Moix and Leah Salameh were guests of Anne-Sophie Lapix in issuing C to you, on France 5. And the sulfur columnist unfortunately revealed the baby’s gender of journalism France 2. gaffe Which earned him a beautiful anger from his former partner on screen, but not so calmed.
Last week, Yann Moix spoke of the ” daughter” Leah Salameh expected in recent months, on the tray C to you . If the columnist could be aware of the sex of the unborn baby Leah Salameh , he had no right to shout it from the rooftops.
On the set, everything happened in a smile, and an annoyed look of the journalist, Yann Moix catching up a “It can only be a girl …”, but he revealed on Monday 16 January at our colleagues TeleStar that this blunder has earned him a beautiful “bugger.” It seems he has not learned the lesson, and rather than apologize, he has addition é initially.
“I got yelled (Editor’s note: behind the scenes) because in fact he was a son. So there, I make a blunder squared. Leah, you’re gonna be able to resent me definitely and to death. .. »
War is declared? Not at all. Yann Moix recovers and decides to admit once and for all the sad reality .
“Actually, I do not know if it’s a son or a girl. I wanted to try, and then suddenly it took proportions … It happens to be twins. I think they’re twins, or maybe triplets. ”
It stops not , he imagines even Siamese. Of course, Yann Moix does not know. It will be necessary to turn to Lea Salamé to have this information. Not sure that the journalist, so discreet about his private life, offers us this scoop.