Year-end holiday season. A few tips to compensate for the excess

Health 27 December, 2017


Published the 26.12.2017 at 11h53


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Overdose of turkey, log and other champagne ? During the holidays, we eat a lot, drink a lot too sometimes, which is mean to our organization. Of excess that can be offset with a little organization.
If you have had too much to drink at new year’s eve, it is absolutely essential you rehydrate. Water, water, and more water, it is the only meaningful remedy. It is better to also avoid drinking again, alcohol, or coffee/tea in the days that follow to do not bully the liver, which is already very much in demand.

No interest in the detox

Not worth it to eat only the broth detox after a meal too rich. Researchers in australia are indeed interested in diets detox in a study published in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics. They have sifted through the results of a hundred of research on the subject : none of them proves rigorously the benefits of these cures.
It is therefore better to focus on a healthy and balanced diet in the aftermath of feast, rather than rushing on the last detox to the mode. Vegetables, lean meats, and plenty of water will have the same effect.

Don’t neglect the physical activity

The holiday season rhymes also with good resolutions. But before you put on or get back to sports, we can already offset the caloric intake in excess by moving a little. Ride the digestive tract, morning walk or jogging for the more courageous : to do a little bit of physical activity helps to eliminate.
However, it is best to avoid activities that are too intensive the day after the public holiday, and focus on endurance activities (less risk of injury) : swimming, running or cycling. Your sneakers !