Yes, talking about death can also be beautiful

Cinema 16 February, 2017

Difficult to approach a subject concerning more people, and yet it is not especially what we go to the cinema. Except for these beautiful movies.
The death of a person can be beautiful, without even having a beautiful death. The way in which the subject is treated, the story that tells it, the staging, the implications and unspoken: there are a thousand and one ways to talk about it. Similarly, it does not necessarily constitute the major part of the film in terms of image and scenes, although it may be the source of it, in the background.
First contact
Sorry, but it came out last December 7, there are prescriptions. Here, the plot obviously revolves around the arrival of extraterrestrials on the edge of our earth and the reaction that this arouses among us other humans. How to communicate, what to do, to cooperate, to attack … Against a background of diplomacy with a chin, like in real life. But how to forget the secondary plot? The story of love linking Louise Banks to Ian Donnelly , marked by the latter’s bitterness of not having been warned by his wife of the special provisions of their child’s fate … We leave the room wondering: What is the right decision? Why did she do it? Is there a choice?
He will have kept his promise. So child, Carl Fredricksen dreams as adventurer and shares his passion with Ellie. They plan to go to the falls of paradise in Venezuela and continue their journey together until marriage. After that is the end of the beans: they can not have children, they lack money and Ellie ends up dying, sick. Carl then lived alone, reclusive. At the beginning of the film, we see him aged, isolated in his house, asocial . Until the day Russell enters his life. Carl sees himself, finds himself in him and enjoys life again. Until realize her promise to Ellie: their house is throne on the falls of paradise.
Sixth Sense
A twist that hurts. And I’m not talking about dancing a knee. Bruce Willis interprets a psychologist, Dr. Malcolm Crowe. An intelligent but disturbed, frightened, anxious man who exchanges with a little boy named Cole. Malcolm explains unsuccessfully trying to preserve his marriage, doing everything without his wife noticing . And he confides his secret: one day, a neglected patient had come to shoot at him. Cole then reveals his own: he sees dead people and speaks to them … You understand: Malcolm realizes only at the end that he is already dead, that his wife is widowed …
Big Fish
If the form corresponds in any point to the films of Tim Burton, the background differs. Behind the dreamlike landscapes, the surprising characters and the scenes out of time, hides a touching reflection on the father-son relationship . Here a sales rep called Edward Bloom sees his end arrive, and his son Billy Crudup comes closer. The subject: reconciliation, before saying goodbye.
One of the best films in recent years. A slap. And a success as critical and commercial, logically. Behind the life of thugs that leads Dominic Cobb, “extractors” professional hired by multinationals to steal the secret information of their competitors, hides the tragic disappearance of his wife, Mal. Confused in their adventures between dream and reality, she had committed suicide . A tragic event that prompted Cobb to flee the United States (suspected of murder) and abandon his children, letting him go through an immense period of mourning, alone, to blame.
Seven lives
A touching Will Smith, in a dramatic film, far removed from his usual robotic robotic rolls of mechanics. Some have not borne the miserabilistic side of the film, or have seen a more megalo than generous side to his character, Ben Thomas. In summary, Ben killed seven people in an accident, including his wife . Depressed, unable to bear, he decided to change the lives of seven people. Before putting an end to his days. His plan is ready, he begins to apply it … and death takes on the features of a divine gesture that must not be spoiled. Which of these films touched you the most?