You can not wait to see the actors of “The Big Bang Theory” in movies?

Cinema 16 February, 2017

It is now known that they had other roles before exploding. Included in other series. But we forget the films where some have already appeared.
That this is not the main roles does not detract from their performance. They have assured and contributed to the success of the film, and this gives us the opportunity to see them in another light. Before they replay again in feature films, this time scrutinized by all.
Johnny Galecki in the movie “The Fir has the balls”
He has 14 pins and is in 1989. In this film, he plays the role of Russell Griswold, a cheerful teenager, son of Chevy Chase aka Clark Griswold. A film unknown to the battalion here in France, which was part of a successful franchise on the other side of the Atlantic . And a role that served to reveal other actors, having also interpreted “Rusty”, such as Anthony Michael Hall.
Jim Parsons in “Garden State”
Far from the asocial geek Sheldon Cooper, the actor was called here Tim, a young man with surprising life. Lover of a much older woman weedy smuggler , and employed to wear a steel knight’s outfit. Including to walk around and have breakfast. What remains one of the best scenes of this film where you laugh most of the time. Info: Natalie Portman plays in.
It is more creeping limit like that …
Simon Helberg in “Like Cinderella”
You see the awkward Howard, nerd, stressed, unintentionally kissing “The Big Bang Theory”? Well this is almost the same thing in this film of 2004 where he meets Hillary Duff and Chad Michael Murray. Under the name of Terry, he spends his time following the pretty woman and hopes to seduce her , still in her bubble.
Mayim Bialik in “Over the Life”
A movie to look under the duvet, when you have a soft stroke. But who can very well make you chill too, let’s be honest. Love, friendship , life what … More sparkling and sexy than in Amy , the actress appears here as the child version of the character Cecilia Carol Bloom. Rousse, smiling and very young, limit you do not recognize her.
Kevin Sussman in “Wet Hot American Summer”
A classic (with Paul Rudd and Bradley Cooper) in the stupid comedy genre that you look without thinking, just to laugh foolishly. And after all, when the mission is accomplished, it proves that it is done right. Despite a minor role, the one known as Stuart, the manager of the comic books store, brings its stone to the building. Here Steve, he only speaks with a robot voice and possesses super natural powers . All this is in a camp where the facilitators try to re-establish the situation on the last day. Has anyone ever looked at them?