You have inevitably closed your eyes to these unsustainable scenes

Cinema 4 July, 2017

That was it, or else you made your lunch on the carpet of the cinema …
Do not worry, I’m not much more courageous than you. It may even be called fragile, since I look at the mere sight of the blood. Well for that I avoid horror movies like the sounds of JUL. But even with all the usual precautions, one is never safe from falling on ultra-violent scenes in great classics of cinema. The proof in a few scenes that stirred me the bide. (Attention, the videos are obviously gores).

“127 Hours” – The cut arm

Aron Ralston (James Franco) is going to have to cut his arm with a fucking Swiss knife. From the nerve to the bone, Danny Boyle spares us nothing of this open dissection. Disgusting.
“American History X” – Mouth on the sidewalk

“Crazy your mouth on the curb”. I admit that the first time I saw the film about 8-9 years old (yes, I was early as a kid), I did not catch too much where Derek Vyniard wanted to come up with this sidewalk story. Until I see his big Rangers size 44 stick the unfortunate’s jaw against the bitumen. Traumatized for life.
“Drive” – ​​The elevator

This film is a UFO, and I would know how to explain why I have kiffé it. One of the reasons may be found in the hero’s ambivalence, calm and protective but also hardcore at the appropriate time. As in this famous scene in elevator, where after a kiss of the most romantic, the man turns into animal and smashes with santiags the head of a bad guy. Private Ryan needs no one to save him.
“La Ligne Verte” – Grilled on the chair

Apart from maybe Eder one evening in 2016, I’ve never hated someone so much more than this Percy Wetmore squad. You obviously see who I’m talking about: the mangy dog ​​that deliberately forgot to wet the sponge so that Ed Delacroix grilled on the electric chair in atrocious suffering. Even in front of your TV, you can perceive the scent of burning …
“Misery” – The broken legs

Another film adapted from a novel by Stephen King. And again an unsustainable scene, with the perfect Kathy Bates in the role of the hangman. A bit disturbed, the nurse goes to go farting the legs of its favorite author for the sole purpose that it makes to revive his favorite heroine. She has since been persona non-grata at the Salon du Livre.
Old Boy – The Cut Language
A little gem made in South Korea. Just to spare a spoil to those who have not yet seen it, I’ll just summarize briefly the situation: to prove his good faith towards his constant torturer, Oh Dae Sue found nothing Better than cutting the tongue with a pair of scissors. As disgusting as the scene of the same kind in Midnight Express.