You have the soul of a torturer? Become a Sergeant and regale yourself

Cinema 8 February, 2017

If you like playing the little chief, yelling at people, manipulating them, no longer looking. Your way is traced. Become a Sergeant. Or play the sergeant in the movies.
Sergeant First Class Merwin J. Toomey (Biloxi Blues, 1988)
Cruel and sadistic, he did not let go of his troops. It prepares them as best as possible to face the Japanese during the Second World War. Sometimes funny, often spicy , so he tortures his guys that they dream to travel and to sleep in an enemy camp.
Sergeant Drill (Forrest Gump, 1994)
In perpetual screaming. He was born like that. Even at 10 cm from your presence, it is expressed as a (met nationality you want) aviné at 4am, which spits on you . Not necessarily bad, eh. But he could talk normally, and less closely, it would be cool.
Major Benson Payne (Major Payne, 1995)
He plays the guy all the time. No empathy, complacency, excuses accepted. Big, sick, small, tired: nothing to fuck. And the worst part is that he has a hoarse voice! Acute, strident when he climbs in the towers … Not to mention that he taps poses a little ridiculous when he delivers an explanation that he considers important.
Sergeant Major Regimental (“Monthy Python, the meaning of life”, 1983)
The good guy. A little con, suddenly the others abuse him. In front of his troops, he bawls, makes faces, breaks his voice to ignite alone … and asked the soldiers what he would rather do than march with him. And he lets them all leave, finding himself alone. A genius.
Sergeant First Class Hulka (“Stripes”, 1981)
An old old man who wants to make young war machines. Inevitably, it falls on arrows, lazy … Hulka would be willing to kill if necessary, to motivate them . Even when he is wounded, lying on the ground, when a guy asks if the day is over, he strangles him with the hand that remains valid to him. A mad person.
DI Fitch (“Jarhead”, 2005)
Provocation and psychological torture is his dada. He asks if you have a girlfriend? This is to tell you that she gets stuffed by another man during that time . He asks if you are in love with him? Wrong answer in all cases, you make pumps. Oh yeah, you ever been on the field and you came back? You’re a coward, a shit. A cream.
Sergeant Zim (“Starship troopers”, 1997)
No hesitation, if he has to fuck you, he will. Finally, he must, he wants what. A look, a remark, a joke: it may be enough to make him freak and you break your arm, you run a knife, strangle you until unconsciousness. He wants his soldiers to be at the top. It even leads them to hunt insects. Question of precision.
Sergeant Hartman (“Full Metal Jacket”, 1987)
Pedagogy? That is to say ? No, I do not see no. Personally, I shout, I confuse them and they close it. That is how we could summarize Sergeant Hartman’s technique. Few questioned, no room for dialogue . Walk or crash, literally. This does not work with everyone, no soldier Whale anyway … So vocations? Seeing reconversions after reading this?