You want to take revenge on a buddy? We help you spoiler his favorite series

Cinema 11 July, 2017

Did a friend make you a dirty blow? You have serious desire to take revenge and put him in a daze? We help you spoiler his favorite series!

Spoilers, that’s nervous! Yes, the meltynauts, when you hit a series, you tend to swallow it in record time by staying awake until the end of the night to discover the sequence as fast as possible. Real addiction, it can also become an explosive weapon against all your friends who spend their time making jokes. You really want to ruin their morale? Find the series that fascinates them at the moment and see the spoiler that will spoil everything. While the editor of melty proposed to you to discover the list of all these heroes who have joined the dark side, we make you a quiet little topo of the spoilers the most reassured!
The death of Ned Stark in Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones has become a real phenomenon and few who have not succumbed to this wave of infatuation. There is therefore a good chance that your buddy will be enjoying the general fervor by doing a marathon. What better way to spoil the death of Ned Stark in order to irritate him? Considered the hero of the show, it is at this precise moment that the fans realized that Game of Thrones was capable of everything and had no limit. And if you want to continue in sadism, you can also mention the Red Wedding which cost us some main characters!
The identity of -A, Big A and A.D in Pretty Little Liars

If Pretty Little Liars is not the best series of all time, viewers have been passionate for years for the adventures of these five damsels. Now that the series is over, you can be sure that one of your friends will decide to watch the show in order to join the emotion that has recently struck the canvas. And if you really want to avenge yourself, do not hesitate to reveal the identities of all the -A. The first one is Mona, then we had CeCe aka Charles aka Charlotte and finally Alex Drake, the diabolical twin of Spencer. When we know that it was one of the only attractions of the show, believe us, the person will be furax!
Laurel Lance aka Black Canary in Arrow

If your buddy is literally a fan of superheroes and comics have absolutely no secrets for him / her, this revelation may well hurt him. In Green Arrow, Oliver Queen and Laurel Lance are an indissociable pair like Clark and Loïs. So, if you tell him, at the turn of an innocent conversation, that the producers of the television adaptation have simply decided to assassinate Laurel, you risk well to trigger a nervous breakdown. Do not thank us, it was with pleasure!
The murderer of Jason in Riverdale

For the blow, it would be really very cruel since Riverdale counts only thirteen episodes as much to tell you that the investigation around the murder of Jason is the very engine of the intrigues. With so few episodes on its counter and growing popularity, it is almost unimaginable that there is nobody in your entourage who is making the season now to be ready for the re-entry. For a revenge very diabolical, you can slip with subtlety that it is none other than the own father of Jason who killed it. Do not hesitate to apologize afterwards to avoid getting caught;)
Sophia’s transformation into The Walking Dead

It’s such a heartbreaking scene in The Walking Dead, but most of all, terribly unexpected. When we know the success of the series, we know with certainty that new fans are born every day. Available on Netflix, The Walking Dead is very easy to access and there is no doubt that we all have someone in our life who has just started AMC’s flagship show. If you want to annoy a loved one, we advise you to reveal that Sophia, Carol’s daughter, has been transformed into a zombie. Red thread of the second season, this moment was right for our little heart soft!
The identity of Gossip Girl in Gossip Girl precisely: p

Well, it’s true, Gossip Girl, it’s a little, but we often hear people tell us that they are just discovering the series and they love it. It must be said that it is regularly rebroadcast on NT1. So, with a little luck, you will be able to have your vendetta revealing to all that behind Gossip Girl hides Dan. Yes, it is not coherent but it is the truth! That’s all for us. While waiting for other ways to avenge yourself, do not forget to vote every day so that your favorite show can win the 2017 World Cup.