Younger Season 4: Will Charles learn the secret of Liza?

Cinema 19 June, 2017

After Josh, Kelsey finally learned the secret of her best friend Liza in Younger! Soon, could another character such as Charles also discover the truth in Season 4?
A few days ago, you were presented with 5 good reasons to watch season 4 of Younger! The sparkling Liza will soon be back but her life could once again be completely turned upside down. The quarantine finally decided to tell the truth about her age to her best friend Kelsey in the Season Finale of Younger’s Season 3 . As much to say that it will be a real shock for the character of Hilary Duff. The editor will have a hard time accepting that Liza has lied to him and it will probably take some time to override and forgive her friend in Younger’s Season 4 . Kelsey could take revenge by revealing the secret of Liza to the other employees of their publishing house, Including Charles and Diana? Or will Liza decide to confess the truth to everyone after hurting Josh and his BFF in Season 4 of Younger ?
One thing is for sure, someone else will learn the truth about Liza’s age in Younger’s Season 4 . The showrunner, Darren Star, revealed that indeed Kelsey would not be the only one to discover the secret of the heroine of the series. Many fans hope it will be Charles, especially if he finds himself in a couple with Liza in the next episodes. However, this lie is likely to persist and create complications within their relationship. “They are going to take action with each other, but there will certainly be complications, which do not concern Josh.” There are obstacles you do not see coming, he is still his boss and she is still lying to him As long as Liza lies to him, there is no reality in this relationship. ” , He explained. Liza may end up revealing the truth to her boss but initially she could confide in Diana. This could change the relationship of the two women to make it even better. While waiting to learn more, discover also the spoilers of the week series !