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Entertainment 16 January, 2018


With Respect, his 15 th album that comes out next Friday, the interpreter to Take a child by the hand Yes Duteil has returned to the studio. To his delight and that of his fans.

“I’ve had health problems,” these few lines in the interview that Yves Duteil was given on 16 January in Paris reminds us once again of the fragility of life. Then, mayor without etiquette, of Précy-sur-Marne in the Seine-et-Marne, in 2014, the singer abandons the policy. And yet, this job, Yves Duteil loved it. “It was the human in the pure state. It was not easy when I arrived, the village was divided. But I am proud to have attended. I loved to put the poetry in the real and the real in poetry, play the airbags between the population ” . During this period, from 1989 to 2014, the singer with his wife Noëlle fight against the project of the introduction of a landfill in his town, he will support even Jacques Chirac, then mayor of Paris. “The man, not the politician,” says the latter.

The year 2013 changes the curve of her life line. At the time, Yves Duteil is hospitalized after a violent fall. But the problem was elsewhere. At the beginning of this year is black, shortly after the release of her last album, Flagrant Delight, the doctors discovered a heart defect that remained undetected until then. Will follow an open-heart surgery, several months of hospitalization and rehabilitation that he will keep secret, discreet as usual.

Today it’s healed, the artist entrusts always in the pages of the Parisian, ” I am reborn, I’ll be even better than before “. After the release of his 15th album, Respect due Friday, the singer ” contemplactif “, as he likes to define himself, will begin a tour that will step the and 21 January, at the Alhambra, Paris. The show must go on. Respect.


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