Zaho: The world in reverse, discover the cover of his new album in EXCLU

Entertainment 26 December, 2016

General alert, Zaho reveals in EXCLU to the cover of his next album Le monde.
While 50 Cent has announced the end of his career , it is the opposite for Zaho indeed preparing a comeback. The singer who has seen his fame exploded with his hit “It’s Chelou” returns with a brand new album all beautiful all warm. After having enjoyed with MHD on the sound “Laisse Les Kouma”, she prepares you pretty surprises. So we give appointment on February 17 to hear all that. In the meantime, we have enough to make you wait and put your mouth water in passing. The star has revealed in EXCLUDED to the cover of his next album The world upside down . Drum roll … Discover the famous image just below.
What better than self-reflection to illustrate the title of the album: Le monde à l’envers? Zaho offers a full wallet senses with outstretched hand trying to catch his double . We validate the warm colors of the cover which contrasts well with its rock outfit. We also love the “O” striped, the typo that follows it since its beginnings. A little wink showing that it certainly does not change despite the years that pass. A nice cover announcing already the color: the back Zaho scheduled for February will be smashing . Meanwhile, we have what you need: find out quickly “In My Head”, the new clip Vitaa . Do you like this album cover?