Dredd : Karl Urban says more about the series and casts doubt on his return

Cinema 4 September, 2018






If there’s one thing that gives us the energy to get up in the morning to drink in the news all the more exciting one than the other, it is the prospect of having new info on the tv series adapted from Judge Dredd. Then, when it occurs, we say that this is going to be a great day.

If Judge Dredd has not shone in his adaptation in 1995 with Sylvester Stallone, things were however different in 2012 when it is released Dredd with Karl Urban. Despite our initial concerns, the film proved to be a pull to both brute and subtle, made of many moments of grace, which only took never for what he was and respected his audience and his character. Either in a way that we had not seen for a long time in the world of adaptations. And Karl Urban was excellent.




Then of course, it was claimed to be crying out for a sequel, and Urban also, an activist for this to happen for years, but we never saw anything coming. Then a few months ago, when we had confirmation that a tv series would see the day, named Judge Dredd : Mega City One, our blood has a tower. Especially that Urban said he was more than interested, but never yet confirm or disprove his involvement.

The latest news (and it’s date of 2017), the actor had met with the production to commence negotiations. But since then, nothing concrete to be put in the tooth. So when he appeared at the convention Trekonderoga a few days ago, inevitably, people have asked the question. And of course, he answered as usual :

“I’m not attached to the project, even though I’ve had some preliminary conversations with the production. I am interested to do so. There are a lot of great stories to tell. But I don’t really know where they are in the development of the series. If I have the chance to do so, that would be great, otherwise it will be someone else and we can all see more of Judge Dredd.”


Beeeeeuuuarh also


A classic answer, therefore, on the part of Karl Urban, who has good reason to feel that this was not going to satisfy many people and has therefore decided to add a few details on what he knew of the series :

“The initial idea of Mega City One is basically to create a series around several young recruits, of new Judges. Dredd would make an appearance from time to time and, if I said that I would do it, it must be done in a smart way. I can’t simply point me to growl and pull the head, there must be a true story for my character. There must be an arc storyline and a story to tell. So we’ll see what they will do.”



What is frustrating with Karl Urban when he talks about Dredd, is that he always blows hot and cold, suggesting that he is involved and then discharging it totally of any responsibility on the show runners. This is a good guy, and you say that you’re hired, do not prolong the suspense any longer. Because that strength to cross everything you can cross for that the series is done, we will eventually have health problems. Just think what we.