10 scenes of films where you have necessarily pressed the pause button, little coquinou

Cinema 6 April, 2017

I ask for the replay. I did not see what it was … ah yes, that’s what I was.
According to the consecrated expression, the devil would be in the details. Yeah, but it’s not worth making me feel guilty, I absolutely regret not having played the pause button for these scenes that deserved a little more attention . And you do not, I suppose. Roughly: we can compare this to video arbitrage. “Well, she shows the panties yes or no ?!”
The Lion King (1994)
It’s not a legend: Disney movies are armored with nasty subliminal images, to believe that it is DSK who takes care of the artistic direction. Among the most famous, this scene of the “Lion King” where the word “SEX” is written in the sky with the dust projected by Simba . Faced with the scandal provoked at the time, the producers ensured that it was written “SFX” , the acronym that designates “special effects” , and that it was a private joke between technicians. Mouais …
Basic Instinct (1992)
It is enough that I speak of Sharon Stone so that you will return in mind this memorable scene, which will stick to the skin forever. The famous passing of legs in the stops of game of “Basic Instinct” facing a helpless Michael Douglas . Miss had unfortunately forgotten her panties … Oops.
Deadpool (2016)
Typically the kind of scenes where the director makes you take a break, to fully enjoy all the valves. There, it is a matter of having a complete view on the “Dead Poll” painting in the bar of Weasel, where everyone can bet on the death of everyone . With a few nice reustas among the regulars of the bar: then we have Miley Cyrus, Bill Cosby, Charlie Sheen, Ryan Reynolds himself and … Vladimir Putin. I take the bet that the one who made this bet on the Russian president will die in not long. Tad, you fucked up.
Fight Club (1999)
Projectionist in his spare time, this Tyler Durden shit fighter loves to embed subliminal tubs amidst family movies, to the delight of parents who come to the movies with their kids . In the blink of an eye at this unnamed puterie, the director David Fincher gave us a magnificent “Durden” at the end of Fight Club …
Inception (2010)
Yes, Christopher Nolan is a genius. The kind to wander your brains in the middle of a tortuous labyrinth throughout the film. One has only to see the number of debates aroused by the end of Inception, a blockbuster that also counts a grandiose scene, with the city of Paris returned in every direction by Ellen Page . To watch in a loop, in slow motion, in what you want.
Pulp Fiction (1994)
We know Tarantino’s sense of precision, which leaves nothing to chance and works every millimeter. It remains to be seen whether he knowingly put Bruce Willis naked in “Pulp Fiction” to invite moviegoers a vicious chouia to pause in burst to see the scoubidou of the good man. ..
Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope (1977)
This epic fail of the Stormtrooper who picks up the door in the background will always make me as much fun.
Iron Man (2008)
And boom. A small easter egg tasty enough for those who have sharp eyesight. In “Iron Man”, we can see surreptitiously the shield in shipyard of Captain America , used 3 years later in “Captain America: First Avenger” .
Pyschose (1960)
That moment when Norman Bates releases a smile of sheitan … just mythical!
The Wall Street Wolf (2013)
A variant to Sharon Stone, with Margot Robbie in the role of the luxury joker. That I am clear with you: to quote a great poet, “I was hard from everywhere” when I saw this scene absolutely exceptional to the cinema . Pressure went down, my journalistic curiosity prompted me later to try the pause button, plan by plan, confirming the news that the sublime Australian actress was wearing underwear at the time …