13 Reasons Why season 2: Justin Prentice (Bryce), “Nothing could have been possible without Selena Gomez”!

Cinema 19 June, 2017

Justin Prentice (Bryce) assumes the role of the rapist Jessica and Hannah. Not obvious to play a character like this. The young actor trusts!
It’s official, the band of 13 Reasons Why went on shooting to prepare season 2 ! Released last March on Netflix, the series caused a sensation and viewers were able to follow the life of Hannah Baker who, following school harassment, committed suicide. One of the reasons the girl ended her days is that Bryce, the most popular terminal in the high school, sexually abused her at a party . While all fans of 13 Reasons Why hate this character, Justin Prentice, his interpreter, cashes the blows. The young actor confides in the difficulty of playing the bad guy but also the reasons that led him to accept this role in the Netflix series.
Justin Prentice had to prepare to play the role of Bryce: “I did a lot of research. I followed the advice of a psychiatrist and an expert in sexual assault to get into my character. Most people, I think it’s very normal when you hear about a case of rape or sexual assault being angry at the person, but playing Bryce Understand what is wrong and why these things are happening.People who are capable of such acts are not properly educated about consent, about sex and about what a healthy relationship should look like . ” The actor also confided in Selena Gomez , the producer of 13 Reasons Why : “She’s so young, but you forget it when you meet her, she’s a great superstar. Mother, Mandy Teefey, were there from the beginning, we phoned, we went to dinner, we talked about the characters … It’s a really nice person Selena is very intelligent and very passionate about this project, which is really cool , Because we would not have done without it ” . It would seem that Bryce must answer for his actions in season 2 of 13 Reasons Why which will be broadcast in 2018 on Netflix ! Are you a fan of this series? Participate and vote for the Series World Cup !