13 Reasons Why Season 2: We finally have the first official details on the sequel!

Cinema 10 May, 2017

It’s official, 13 Reasons Why will be entitled to its season 2! But what will happen in this expected sequence? We have the answer!
Netflix and the whole 13RW team had to jubilate at seeing the state in which they had put us! After weeks of speculation and anguish it is now official, yes there will be a season 2 of 13 Reasons Why . And if you are among those who are afraid of being disappointed by a mediocre and hasty sequel, we have good news for you: Bryan Yorkey, the showrunner of the Netflix hit show, has already planned everything … and for a long time ! So, what will happen in Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why ? It’s time to discover the main lines of the next chapters in the history of Hannah, Clay and the others … Attention, spoilers.
Season 2 was already scheduled
While we all panicked at the idea that our new favorite series was finished, Bryan Yorkey was already preparing the sequel: “I knew as soon as we had finished shooting season 1 that I wanted to continue. Our characters, after 13 episodes, are just at the beginning of their healing … We saw Hannah’s version, but there is much more to be said from the point of view of the others. Still much to discover. ” .
We will have answers to cliffhangers
By choosing an open end, 13 Reasons Why left us with plenty of questions . Fortunately, we should have answers quickly: “We will answer all the burning questions that fans ask Tyler he will do something serious Alex will he get by Bryce goes.? But we are going to be interested in all the events that our heroes are going through, even if it will be very difficult .. We will also discover that in the face of all these tragic events, (…) I think that false hopes are dangerous but I think there is always a glimmer of hope, even in the worst moments … ” .
Hannah will be back
You thought Hannah’s story was over? Lost ! In Season 2, we will learn more about our heroine: “I think we all wonder who is responsible for his death … Is this the high school? We will look at the issue through the trial and through the reflections of his comrades, and we will come back to the past in the history of Hannah. You’ll see a lot of things you did not realize that will help you better understand Hannah Baker and her life .
Bryce finally judged
You’re dying to fuck a fist in Bryce’s face? Well, you’re not the only ones: “Many people think that Jessica’s story is over, I think it’s horrible because she’s just at the beginning of the healing process and her rapist is still at liberty. I want to at least know how it’s going to happen, I want Jessica to be brought to justice, to find her again in high school, trying to get over it, Is important because it’s something that happens to millions of young women. “Oh, and I want someone to put a fist in Bryce’s face!” .
There will be several timelines
As in season 1, we must be very careful to grasp the complexity of the plot: “We will continue to mix the past and the present. There will be a voice-over in all the episodes, but it will no longer be that of ‘Hannah: As in season 1, voice-over and intrigue will take us into the past and then bring us back into the present … Season 2 will begin a few months after the events of the end of season 1! ” .