13 Reasons Why: Selena Gomez explains why she did not play Hannah Baker

Cinema 9 April, 2017

Several days after the broadcast of the 13 Reasons Why event series, Selena Gomez reveals the reasons for her absence from the Netflix production.
While some are finishing the 13 episodes and others are already wondering what might happen in a season 2 of 13 Reasons Why , melty comes back to you today to talk to you about The absence of Selena Gomez before a camera . The singer told The Hollywood Reporter about what the series meant to her and especially why she did not play the role of the main character, Hannah Baker, when it was originally intended. Selena Gomez started by explaining that she really felt a connection with Hannah who decides to commit suicide by leaving 13 tapes that explain why behind her. “I’m really in Hannah.
“For me a film is really scary, we devote a kind of cult and that’s why I did not want to be in it . ” It must be said that Jay Asher’s book, and now the series, quickly found their fans and that the two works will undoubtedly mark the spirits, notably because of the sensitive themes of which they speak and the correctness with which they are approached . Even though it is not part of the series, Selena Gomez was very present, as Katherine Langford who plays Hannah explains. “Selena and her mother Mandy were always there for us, they sent us emails to see if we were all right and if everything went well . ” It must be said that with such a difficult history, To ensure that everything is going well on the set and it seems that this has been the case. While waiting to know if there will be a continuation or not, you can discover the remarks of Dylan Minette and Katherine Langford who confided to Melty excluded on 13 Reasons Why . What do you think ?