5 movies that make you realize that being president is hot

Cinema 7 May, 2017

Passing laws and being head of the nation is one thing. But saving the world or killing vampires is still a level above.
On this election day, we have to wait longer before we discover the thrashing of our new President. On the other hand, what we already know is that it will go well for the next five years! You must remember Obama’s face after two terms.
But it is also in these great moments that we are told that in addition to the function, all the obligations and the pressure that goes with it, the life of President could be even more tiring and dangerous if they had ever Lived in some of these films.
Mars Attacks!
Look at Jack Nicholson in “Mars Attacks!” For example. While it does not go too well between the Humans and the Martians after a reception completely messed up, he gave himself thoroughly to make a magnificent speech on the peace between species with all the charism of which he was able. He even makes the chief of the Martians chill, and all he has gained is a little flag planted in the bide .
Independence Day
But if there’s one who likes to put presidents in rotten situations, it’s Roland Emmerich! In Independence Day, the president just escapes the blast of the White House, must make a speech of sick before the last fight to save Humanity and history to add a layer, the guy even goes as far as piloting A fighter plane to carry the final charge against the extraterrestrials. The guy is a real Swiss human knife at that level.
White House Down
As it was not obvious enough that he loves to blow up the presidential residence of the US, Emmerich then decided to make a film just for that and the title does not allow you to doubt a single second of its secret purpose. Just watching Jamie Foxx president in the trailer, it reads on his face that it drunk him .
Big Game
Because when you are president, you are often targeted by terrorists, poor Samuel L. Jackson takes dear in Big Game. Peinard trying to chill in Air Force One, the plane was shot down, the president finds himself lost in the middle of the wilderness of Finland with only a small ally Hunter 13 pins . Mike Horn would be too happy to find himself in this situation, but it is believed that being stalked by terrorists is an option that can clearly be dispensed with.
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Of course, we kept the best for the end and quite frankly, do we really need to give explanations with such a title? Because being one of the most important presidents of US History was not enough , he also had to be a vampire hunter. But the saddest thing when you look at the trailer is that they are super serious about the subject while it is a pearl of the WTF …