Abou Debeing and Black M at the Nouveau Casino de Paris, a crazy concert

Entertainment 19 April, 2017

Abou Debeing returned the New Casino of Paris with his album Debeinguerie. Back on a sick show!

After the crazy concert of Deen Burbigo at the Bataclan , we went right next door for a whole other show. Last Saturday, Abou Debeing played at the Nouveau Casino to present his first solo album Debeinguerie . Direction the 11th arrondissement of Paris for a show that we knew beforehand unforgettable! At the same time, he had so much teased the event on his live melty that we could not miss it. The direct color is announced: It is a no-fault for the rapper who ensured from start to finish. One thing is certain, he will make all France dance with his project.
Just as Amir was able to do it during his first Olympia , Abou Debeing put an atmosphere of madness at the New Casino by chaining the tubes. From “I see you” to “Sorry” without forgetting “Taçatwa” , it was fire! We also validate the parade of surprise guests to which we had the right. Abou Debeing is far from coming alone, it is with family that he introduced himself. All the Wati B was in the game, even Black M, Still Fresh and S.Pri Black made the trip for their buddy . What we loved is see all the stars come and go in the pit in the biggest calm so the atmosphere was cool. Abou Debeing even took time after the show to meet and pose with all the fans present.
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