After Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle pregnant? The rumor is launched!

Entertainment 11 April, 2017

Is the Royal Family Prepared to Host a New Baby? Possible! Besides, Meghan Markle would be ready to have a child with Prince Harry.
Since Prince Harry formalized his relationship with Meghan Markle , things quickly became serious. For good reason, their romance has turned into one of the most discussed subjects on the Web. The fans have not been without praise on the two lovebirds. Unfortunately, tensions also quickly began to appear around this new idyll. And within the royal family! As you’ve been told recently, Kate Middleton and Pippa now seem to be at war with Meghan Markle . The reason ? They want to prevent the pretty brunette from being the center of attention to the marriage of the Duchess of Cambridge ‘s sister . Atmosphere.
According to the revelations of the New Idea site , Meghan Markle and Prince Harry would consider becoming parents before marrying. According to one of the couple’s relatives, the two lovers are already trying to conceive a child, with the agreement of the royal family . “Having a baby out of wedlock is a breach of the protocol, but Queen Elizabeth II does not seem to care. It’s a modern monarch,” the informant reported. But that’s not all ! The indiscreet confides that the idea of ​​this pregnancy would not delay and that it would please the future dad very much: “Harry confessed that” He would love to have a son first. Since his mother had only boys, it is important to him, ” Will we soon have a new birth in the sphere people?” It is likely especially when we know that Meghan Markle is ready to stop his career Actress for Prince Harry. In your opinion, is Meghan Markle pregnant with Prince Harry?