After Rogue One and Han Solo, what other Spin Off for the Star Wars saga?

Cinema 5 April, 2017

The Star Wars saga is the most cult and timeless and it is hard to imagine that it will end any day.
How to live in a world without a new Star Wars movie every year? Fans of the first hour had to do it for a long time, but today Disney revived the flame and released Star Wars The Reveil of the Force then Rogue One and announcing the release of Star Wars The Last Jedi at the end of the The year 2017 . And after ? We already know that an episode IX is planned, but if another Spin Off was born? Rogue One was a real success at the World Box Office and the film about Han Solo’s youth also excites the crowds with his first info . The producer of Rogue One , very pleased with the success of his idea, thinks like us and would really like to see more ” Other Spin Off suggested at Lucasfilm / Disney . But what is he thinking?
John Roll, recently interviewed by Screenrant, said: “I have new ideas that I can suggest to them. There are 3/4 that are concrete and I can propose to Kathy (Kathleen Kennedy President of lucasfilm editor) to see If she’s interested, maybe she’ll throw me out of her office . ” Of course, professional secrecy obliges him, he could not share his ideas with the journalists of Screenrant, but it is hoped that he will be heard. We are ready for all the films that allow us to explore more deeply the universe of Star Wars. What other Spin Off would you like to see?