After the cancellation of Daredevil, the fans of Jessica Jones are in PLS

Cinema 30 November, 2018






After the cancellation of Daredevil, the collaboration between Netflix and Marvel has enough of lead in the wing to kill a small elephant. And fans of Jessica Jones make the oil.

The show is far from having only the fans, but it has the merit to propose an apprehension of the untold story of super-heroic, in the hybridizing with the story of a trauma for women. Driven by the outstanding Kristen Riter, the series has carved out a special place, both on Netflix and within the genre to which it belongs.


“-You think that all of these supports will be sufficient. – Seriously, you saw the head that I draw a girl ?”


And suddenly, his fans are a bit worried, as Netflix has begun to murder his catalogue of Marvel. Only a few hours after the cancellation of Daredevil, the audience attached to the program have an effect on the social networks how much they are concerned (and pessimistic) about the future of Jessica Jones.


Me after hearing the news about Daredevil:

“If you come for Jessica Jones next, I will cut you.”

— Kaz Weida (@kazweida) November 30, 2018


I really don’t want Jessica Jones to be cancelled like we NEED her on television

— ally (@craintheodora) November 30, 2018


If they cancel Jessica Jones too I’ll fight marvel studios and Netflix myself

— Aixa ????’s Lauren (@aixa_gvf) November 30, 2018


Their determination to succeed a demonstration of strength vis-à-vis Netflix, to ensure a future for the show is obvious, but it is hard to see how the approach could bring about. In fact, the 3rd season of Jessica Jones is in the box, and the platform of the SVOD, will not be well to take down his game prior to its release. At the same time, the let-go total with which have been manufactured in the last few seasons of Luke Cage and the Defenders says a lot about the “desire” Netflix to extend its partnership with Marvel, as Disney prepares to launch its own streaming services.

The Punisher and Jessica Jones are the last two series, Marvel still active on Netflix, and all indications are that their fans will unite to try to prolong their existence. But it is hard to see how they could change their fate, presumably fateful.



I’m 100% positive Jessica Jones is going to be cancelled by Netflix after Daredevil got canceled.

— e-man ????(7-5),???? (7-13) (@2k_howard) November 30, 2018