Agents of SHIELD season 4: Episode 11, a new betrayal for Coulson, our critic!

Cinema 27 January, 2017

New week, Agents of SHIELD season 4 episode aired last night on ABC! Check out our criticism as well as the promo video of episode 12 and watch out for the spoilers.
Last night ABC aired a brand new episode of Season 4 of Agents of SHIELD and so it is time to propose our criticism. Attention to those who have not seen the episode, there will be spoilers in the article! This week in “Wake Up”, it is time to have some explanations about the usurpation of the identity of Melinda May that lasts for some episodes already. This is a flashback that opens the episode to show us sequestering agent of May and its replacement by a more real than real android – to the point that even in Coulson did not always realized . One soon realizes that the artificial reality of AIDA for May does not correspond to him at all, hence his second attempt to escape … which is not really one as it is discovered later in the episode. Radcliffe has found an efficient way to occupy it and we too, since we must admit that we did not just walk, we ran … Unfortunately May is still too strong for these simulations of flight and it is at Bahrain that will end its brain to really fill it.
Because “Wake Up” marked the realization for the fake May on its own state in a scene very touching and more human than what one would have expected from an android. And in addition to learning that she was scheduled not to reveal her real identity, she allowed Radcliffe to know what the real May needed to stay calm: to save the little girl in Bahrain. And as if a robot was not enough, we also learn a second LMD crept into the team . The series then weighs the doubt on all the characters with well-turned dialogues that make it slightly paranoid. The mission of the week does not help since while Daisy and Mace are (still) trying to defend the cause of the Inhumans, Coulson and Yoyo are getting caught while they hang microphones in Nadeer’s office. So they are dealing with a robot AND a mole … but Fitz and his uncommon intelligence soon discover that the two are linked.
The mole and the second LMD are one and the same person: Radcliffe who, as soon as he felt he could be in danger, changed camp to join Nadeer. If one is rather reassured to see that the obsession with Fitz for AIDA was not completely unhealthy, we must admit that this reversal is rather worrying for the future and for Coulson and his team . Between the reputation of SHIELD publicly tarnished, the capture of the bad Radcliffe, the real May always locked up mentally as well as physically and his LMD which circulates freely to seduce Coulson and to overcome the mission entrusted to him by Radcliffe, the next episodes ‘Announced the most tense. Fortunately Mack and Yoyo are here to bring us some tenderness and waiting whether the result will be a bit more cheerful, discover scores of episode 10 of season 4 of Agents of SHIELD through our balance sheet US audiences of the week ! And you, what did you think of this episode?