Agents of SHIELD season 4: Episode 13, the origins of AIDA, our critic

Cinema 8 February, 2017

Last night, the American channel ABC broadcast episode 13 of season 4 of Agents of SHIELD. Then discover our review of “BOUM”, as well as the promotional video of the next episode.
The last episode of season 4 of Agents of SHIELD is very aptly named since the team is confronted with inhuman with the power to explode. “BOOM” begins as Coulson is in Spain with Mack, determined to find a way to locate Radcliffe and by extension May. To do so, they started looking for the woman behind AIDA, a certain Agnes who knows well Radcliffe, partly because it has already tried to save her cancer . If Mack and Coulson do not succeed in convincing Agnes to help them, he has more than one trick in his bag and his desire to find Melinda drives him to cross the boundaries of ethics. Unfortunately, while Agnes agreed to help them after hearing the story of what happened to Melinda May, she finally changes her mind once Radcliffe tells her that he can cure her totally … Spoiler alert, Radcliffe succeeds in not the cure, if his spirit will continue to live in the “System” ( “Framework”) , the body is dead.
Meanwhile, Daisy Mace, Fitz and Simmons have to manage the sudden death of Senator Nadeer in a mysterious explosion . Indeed, Shockley visited him just before the attack, trying to transform it into inhuman. But what he had not seen was that it was he who transformed himself, literally becoming a human bomb and being able to regenerate himself completely after the explosion. He is therefore responsible for the death of Nadeer. Is it too early to eliminate one of the great villains of this season? On our side, we do not think we will miss it particularly. The team must then deal with Shockley – once Fitz and Simmons found that it was he who was the cause of the explosion – and this task falls to Daisy and powers.
Moreover, we really thought we would lose the Director Jeffrey Mace in this episode, because, after he discovered that the serum is injected to become superhuman is deadly and kills him slowly , it is captured by The Russians wanting to protect the rest of the team. Her character really becomes increasingly endearing – he just has to see his face when Jemma told he will not be the next Captain America – and we hope he can remain a member of the team In which it is just beginning to integrate and find its place. In the episode of Agents of SHIELD next week, Coulson will face the Superior who is after him. This promises to be a particularly intense battle. While waiting to discover all that, you can find our review of episode 12 of season 4 of Agents of SHIELD , on melty. What did you think of this episode?