Agents of SHIELD Season 4: Episode 20, Have We Lost Leopold Fitz? Our criticism

Cinema 4 May, 2017

Yesterday evening the American channel ABC aired episode 20 of season 4 of Agents of SHIELD. Then discover our review of “Farewell, Cruel World!”, But watch out for the spoilers!
Have we lost Fitz for good? Although the team has managed to bring Leopold Fitz back into the “real” world, the latter is not saved and his character suddenly takes on a new dimension. Indeed, in episode 20 of season 4 of Agents of SHIELD , the team tries at all costs to find the escape designed by Radcliffe when it created the framework. However, Jemma refuses to leave without Fitz, and when she discovers that her father is part of this alternative reality, she understands that it is because of him that Fitz became the Doctor and that he is at the head of Hydra . Jemma then decides to confront her father, thinking she can turn Fitz into the one she knows but, obviously, nothing happens as she would have liked.
“Farewell, Cruel World!” Is perhaps a little less rhythmic than the other episodes of Agents of SHIELD , the bulk of the action happening only in the last part of the episode, which is as unexpected as it is captivating. So they are all around what one can call the exit hatch. Hydra’s agents landed, accompanied by Fitz who wished to avenge his father’s death by killing Simmons. Coulson is seriously wounded in the chest and his only way to survive is to jump into the trap. Coulson has always been a believer and he has no difficulty imagining that yes there may be another world as Daisy and Jemma say from the beginning. And the strength of his faith in it allows to convince May to jump it too . Coulson and May are finally back in the real world. Phew. They are closely followed by Fitz and Jemma, as Radcliffe has succeeded in knocking down the Doctor – the only way he can get home .
If, contrary to all expectations, Jemma managed to bring Fitz back, it was Mack that Daisy could not convince. Mack is a rather skeptical character and, at first, has a hard time believing that the world in which he lives – which seems to him so true – is really only a program. Moreover, he can not resign himself to leaving his daughter, especially when Daisy teaches him that she is not alive in the real world. Mack decided to stay with Hope, even though he had proof that this world is only a computer program and as Daisy we could not help but shed a few tears … We Reassured by saying that all this is far from finished and the scene between Fitz and Ophelia confirms it. While he has just returned to the real world, Fitz becomes aware of all the horrible things he did in the framework. If Coulson and May reassure him that it is not his fault, he still feels responsible for the death of Jeffrey Mace.
And this is the moment that AIDA chooses to arrive in its entirely new, entirely human body. Yes, AIDA has succeeded in realizing her dream, she is now human and feels real emotions. His connection with Fitz is still current, and it works both ways. Fitz feels immediately attracted and reassured by his presence. Has Fitz’s experience in the framework changed it forever? Can we hope that he will return to the SHIELD camp? At the moment, it’s too early to say and AIDA / Ophelia does not leave us too much time to discover it since it evaporates with him. Where did they go ? Are they back in the framework? Between this and the Quinjet in which are found Daisy, Jemma, Yo-yo and other members of SHIELD who is attacked, We say that they are far from being out of business. While waiting to discover the suite, we invite you to discover our Top Series of April 2017 with Agents of SHIELD, 13 Reasons Why and The Walking Dead . What did you think of this episode?