Agents of SHIELD Season 4: Episode 8, unity is strength, our critical

Cinema 8 December, 2016

Last night, the US network ABC aired episode 8 of Season 4 of Agents of SHIELD. Then discover our critique of “The Laws of Dynamics Inferno”.

“We’re not a team at all” , Jeffrey Mace was more or less summarized the beginning of season 4 of Agents of SHIELD with this sentence. If he repeats since joining “a team that trust is a team triumph” , we saw that nobody trusted him from the old team and it was pretty mutual. Fortunately, this episode will change the game and prove that the new Director of SHIELD was right to say that. “The Laws of Dynamics Inferno” begins Eli is in the process of developing his diabolical plan and we really appears as a villain. SHIELD is already there, but that does not seem to worry him in the least. To achieve neutralize Eli, SHIELD puts every chance of his side by sending Yo-yo, Robbie and Daisy, much like the Secret Warriors 2.0 and using artificial intelligence AIDA . If Jeffrey Mace was not pleased to discover the existence of the latter, especially because it violates the agreements Sokovie after Ultron, he admits it still is their best asset.
While Yo-yo is injured in scouting the lair of Eli, Robbie decides to go alone and was trapped by his uncle, unable to transform into Ghost Rider. We discover that it is once again the pride that pushed Eli far, wanting to prove to everyone that he was as smart as them. Fitz and Simmons are discovering that Eli has created a bomb that could scratch Los Angeles on the map and it is then that Plan B is taking place. While Aida will build a portal to send the bomb into another dimension, the rest of the team should distract Eli and save Robbie. Coulson Mace and even end up having an honest discussion where Coulson discovers that the director just trying to protect the SHIELD and that’s why he had to work for Senator Nadeer. Trust is established and the team then triumph, although Robbie disappears with Eli and the bomb in the other dimension. As Coulson, is not thought to have seen the end of Ghost Rider. He has already returned once, he should be able to come back again.
The plot around Eli seems to have been quickly resolved, however we know that it is not he the culmination of the plot, especially with what happens in the end. Since this is the final mid-season, we obviously entitled to a nice cliffhanger involving AIDA and Agent May. It turns out that Aida imprisons Agent Melinda May . But who is the person or thing that poses as Melinda? How long the Agent May has she been replaced by something else? AIDA search with Agent May? This cliffhanger raises many questions and confirms our theories that AIDA will become the true antagonist of the season, probably because of Darkhold. Moreover, this episode of Agents of SHIELD allowed Daisy to officially reinstate SHIELD, to our delight to all. We do not know if we think like Coulson and Daisy would have made a good guideline for SHIELD, but we are delighted that its period of rebellion is over. Then Mack and Yo-yo have finally embraced, this will end the episode on a note a little more cheerful. Now he’ll have to wait until January 10, 2017 before the rest of the season 4 Agents of SHIELD , the promo video above gives an overview. What did you think of this episode?