Aladdin: Will Smith in the role of Genius?

Cinema 20 April, 2017

Will Will Smith lend his voice to one of the most emblematic characters in the Disney world? The actor would be among the favorites!
Things are moving on the side of the Disney Aladdin Live-Action ! We announced it on melty a few weeks ago, the shooting of Aladdin should start this summer and for the time being, we do not know anything about the cast. If the director Guy Richtie seems to have been chosen to give a new life to the hero, we are still waiting to know who will slip into the skin of Aladdin, Jasmine or Jafar . On the other hand, we have a little track on the one who could lend his voice to the Genius! The American site Deadline has indeed announced that Will Smith would have begun the negotiations to join the project and it is hoped that it will come to fruition.
If no one can replace Robbie Williams in the hearts of many fans, Will Smith remains a great alternative. The actor had recently been announced to the cast of live-action Dumbo directed by Tim Burton, but has finally had to withdraw, certainly for planning reasons. We cross the fingers so that this time everything works correctly, but one thing is for sure, Mickey’s home seems determined to work with the actor. Aladdin will not be the only hero Disney has to offer a new youth since Mulan, Mary Poppins or even Dumbo will have the right to a new live action !