Alien Covenant: Michael Fassbender worrying about a new poster

Cinema 10 April, 2017

Perhaps the danger is not what is believed in Alien: Covenant. This is in any case what suggests a new poster of the film!
And if we were completely wrong about everything and the real villains of Alien: Covenant were not actually the Xenomorphs? And if, the real danger for Katherine Waterston and her crew was actually under their nose from the start? This is in any case what seems to suggest the new international poster of the film. On this one, we can see, side by side, the famous Xenomorph and none other than the Android Walter, the new version of the android David, also embodied by Michael Fassbender . In this new installment, Michael Fassbender will actually play two different roles: his former, alias the Android David, that the team of Katherine Waterston will find on the planet of Engineers, but also the new version of android David, Aka Walter, a much less human version that is mainly there to serve the Covenant ship. But according to this new poster, the latter could actually have more than one trick in his bag.
“What will be the end of mankind?” , Then questions the poster. The well-gored aliens or the artificial intelligence? Michael Fassbender recently told David that David had changed a lot since Prometheus and saw the fate of humanity much darker, while Walter was much less human than David and therefore potentially more dangerous. What if David succeeded in corrupting Walter? Or vice versa ! In any case, that will not help the crew of the Covenant, who will already face unpleasant creatures without any pity. While waiting to learn more, discover what fate may have endured Elizabeth Shaw, alias Noomi Rapace, since Prometheus! And you what do you think ?