Alien Covenant: Ridley Scott Teases a Scary Movie More Than Ever

Cinema 13 April, 2017

In a new Alien: Covenant featurette, Ridley Scott teases the timeline of the film and promises a film more scary than ever. Are you ready ?
Ridley Scott’s Alien Saga is called for in the family of horror films . From his closed doors to the palpable tension in spaceships, his desert planets and his terrifying creatures, passing by his ability to make us leap on our cinema chairs, the director has a certain talent to scare us. His secret? “The trick is to produce a sense of discomfort, which leads to a threat. There’s all that in an Alien movie , “he said in a new featurette of Alien: Covenant . But visibly, this sensation will be amplified in Alien: Covenant since Ridley Scott promised he would be the most gore and bloody film of the franchise . And to add, in this famous featurette, that Alien: Covenant was going to “fuck a real blue scare” . We want to believe it, especially after seeing the final trailer, more frightening than ever.
In this featurette, Ridley Scott also explains that Alien: Covenant will finally answer the question we all ask: “Where do we come from?”. It also teases that the film will resume ten years after the end of Prometheus and that if the team of the Covenant goes to the famous planet of the Engineers, it is because they received a signal of distress, that imagine well Come from Dr. Shaw or David. But can we truly trust David? A new poster from Alien: Covenant has indeed presented us with artificial intelligences as threatening as the Xenomorphs. In particular Walter, the new version of David, also embodied by Michael Fassbender, Which the actor describes as “darker” and “less human” . One thing is for sure, Ridley Scott is really good: the film only comes out in a month and already we are in a certain discomfort in front of what awaits us. And you what do you think ?