Alien Covenant: The Terrifying Neomorph on New Images

Cinema 21 April, 2017

The Neomorph is back on new images of Alien: Covenant. And this time again, it is particularly cold in the back!
If there ‘s something Alien fans have complained to Prometheus, it’ s good … not to be terrifying enough ! Whether it was the Engineers or the Xenomorph, the creatures of the film did not make much impression, even though the intrigue evoked the origins of humanity and the extraterrestrials themselves. So, you have to believe that Ridley Scott has learned the lesson and understood the expectations of the fans. Because, he promised us, Alien: Covenant, the sequel to Prometheus, will be more terrifying than ever ! Enough to give us cold sweats? We hope so. In any case, seeing the first trailers of the film, we immediately said that the crew of the Covenant was going to spend a dirty quarter of an hour – and we with it! The Neomorph, the new Xenomorph of this opus, took some time to unfold , surely to raise the tension a little more. But that’s it, we finally know what it looks like (and it’s scary, yes!). And so that we are a better glimpse of what he is capable of, he appears on new images of Alien: Covenant enough … striking.
These images come to us, as you can see, straight from the pages of Empire magazine, which dedicated its latest issue to Alien: Covenant . One finds thus Walter, the new android a little shady interpreted by Michael Fassbender, who should have with David, the other robot, a decisive role in the plot. Another of the images shows us the silhouette of an engineer, who seems to be looking at a planet from the top of a ship, apparently escaping from it rescue capsules. And then, there is of course this unpleasant picture where we see the pale body of the Neomorph, which is visibly in full feast (yeurk)! And yes, the meltynauts, the red thing next to his victim, it is the bowels of the latter, you do not dream. One even feels that it misses some bits of the body. So in case you have not figured it out yet, Alien: Covenant done in the gore and bloody . We’ll have to prepare for a nice trip space trip, would you … What do you think of these pictures?