Allison Mack (Smallville) : new sordid details into the history of his sect sex

Cinema 25 July, 2018






We thought the matter ended, but it seems that new allegations and twists continue to emerge.

The story of Allison Mack has fascinated for a time the american press : the sordid history and tragedy of an actress that everyone thought was related to her character in Smallville, gentle and kind, and who came under the spotlight in the face of its worst acts. The if cute blonde was accused last may of having been the n°2 of a sect of sexual named NXIVM (pronounced Nexium).

A fortiori, the actress has found her marks in this sect because she worked for nearly 12 years. Acting for the account of a guru, called Keith Raniere, torturing, and recruiting a pack of poor women in the service of the organization.


I see the cops approach, we break


For the time being, the actress is assigned to her home and is brought to appear before the us court in October next. If she intends to plead not-guilty, it will be difficult to prove his innocence, since new loads of accusations come to fall. According to Yahoo, which has just published new details about the actress, Allison Mack would be charged, among others, of racketeering and corruption.

On Monday, the department of justice in New York has unveiled a list a little more comprehensive this new crime series : “identity theft, extortion, slavery and forced labour, sex trafficking, money laundering, computer fraud, and obstruction of justice.”


Naan, I believe they have unearthed a serious of folders on me yet


Other news in the matter of : Allison Mack would not be the only accused to come and face justice. We knew already that the actress had been introduced by his colleague, Kristin Kreuk, the interpreter of Lana, before they put the sails there’s been a bunch of years. Later, Allison Mack tried downright to recruit Emma Watson by exploiting its belief feminists, without success. Today, it is the turn of Clare Bronfman, heir to Seagram’s, a former distillery, to be accused of sex trafficking within the same organization.

In the Face of all this tumult judicial swerves now in Canada, we remind you that Allison Mack had been arrested last April and then released against a bail of $ 5 million. Now assigned to the residence with the port of one electronic bracelet, Allison Mack will have to redouble its efforts to try to save her skin in court, because with all of that, it is not won.


No, but I swear I did nothing