American Horror Story Season 6: Episode 9, only one survivor, our critique of “Chapter 9”

Cinema 11 November, 2016

A few hours after the broadcast of episode 9 of season 6 of American Horror Story, discover our criticism of a particularly effective episode. Warning, spoilers!
Last night the American channel FX aired episode 9 of season 6 of American Horror Story . Ryan Murphy had warned us from episode 6: There would be only surviving “Roanoke” and it was with great surprise that we discovered his identity last night. Because yes, we sincerely thought that this revelation would be made during the season finale. But nay: the writers of the show have decided to accelerate the pace in “Chapter 9” , revealing and Lee is the only one to survive this particularly deadly season. We feel that the show wanted us to dramatically reflect this year including on the question of reality and voyeurism that can result . Social networks also were paramount this week with three young group. In any case, the survival of Lee is surprising in the sense that the one that killed her husband is ultimately one that is spared. Especially since she killed Monet and she almost overcome Audrey.
Moreover, the death of the latter is as shocking as ridiculous as she is rescued by the police, this one draws a gun to kill Lee, she now sees as a killer . Unfortunately, the cops were faster and she died, riddled with bullets. This week, the series offered to find an actress that fans of the show love: Taissa Farmiga. With two friends of his friends, his character has ventured into the forest surrounding the house of the TV show. Jacob Artist (as we have seen previously in Quantico or Glee) was the first to be killed by Lee and, moreover. We will not lie: the most horrible deaths still remain those of the two friends burned alive.
“Chapter 9” was a sustained episode, particularly rhythmic, who did not let viewers breathe a minute. What was best is that all the ingredients and season themes were used in the space of thirty-six minutes. We were able to review the Polk, Red Moon, the Lost Colony, the Butcher, the house, the bodies of producers, Shelby or Dominic . A real nod to the killings represented the sixth season, in the end, is surely one of the best in the series. With the found footage, fear and surprise are increased tenfold, thereby encouraging the viewer to feel more involved in everything he sees.
Next week, the sixth season comes to an end. It was announced that Lana Winters (character played by Sarah Paulson in season 2) will land in the series with a final twist . You will be offered later in the day to discover the first images of the final season. Anyway, one can already ask what it will look like and if we have the opportunity to review some missing characters throughout this magnificent sixth season. Meanwhile, melty find on the program series of the week. What did you think of “Chapter 9”?