American Horror Story Season 6: The 5 most shocking deaths of “Roanoke”

Cinema 22 November, 2016

Less than a week after the end of the broadcast season 6 of American Horror Story, relive the most shocking deaths of “Roanoke”!

american-horror-story-saison-7-episode-1-1Last Wednesday, after ten weeks of the bloodiest weeks, season 6 of American Horror Story was ending on the American channel FX . If all eyes are now worn on the future awaiting the revelation of the theme of the seventh chapter of the horror series Ryan Murphy, the editorial ‘of melty, we wanted to review the dead who place this year. It is time for us to make you relive the five most shocking deaths of “Roanoke” . Are you ready ? So let’s go !
The seventh episode of the season was probably the deadliest of all . In the first minutes of the episode, Agnes arrives on location filming “Return to Roanoke” and, taking madness, kills the entire TV crew, including Sidney. It was not seen coming and clearly, Kathy Bates impressed us all with his playing psychopath.
Still in the same episode (6×07), Shelby Matt discovers sleeping with Scathach in the soil under the house. He admits that he returned to it and not for her, who make crazy, pushing it detonated his skull with a kind of iron bar . Funny fact: the season 7 Premiere of The Walking Dead, released three days before, saw two characters die in a similar way, causing a big controversy on the web.
The seventh episode ended with the death of Agnes. Then she screams alone, as crazy as it is, on the ground of the House and Matt Shelby, the Lost Colony finally disembark. And then, the real Butcher appeared. We then see Agnes declare his admiration. Unfortunately, we are in a period of Red Moon and the Butcher must take a life . She then planted him his ax in the skull.
The episode 9 of season 6 of American Horror Story saw the return of Taissa Farmiga in the series. Unfortunately for his fans, his character will not last long because it will be burned with another , after cruxifiés. Yet it hurts just thinking about the pain they have felt …
We knew from the 6×06: one person would survive “Return to Roanoke.” So we thought that Audrey would all this “lucky”, the shock was terrible when she was shot by police . The young woman was indeed kill Lee, who was, we recall, inhabited by the evil forces of Scathach. We arrive at yet to recover pout all you say … What are the most shocking deaths, according to you?