Angelina Jolie alone and depressed without Brad Pitt, her children worry about her!

Entertainment 7 May, 2017

Is Angelina Jolie in full depression? Apparently yes and her children are very worried about her since the announcement of her divorce!
Poor Angelina Jolie ! Since his divorce with Brad Pitt made the headlines of the press people, the actress is no longer in top form. And we can only understand. Not easy to separate after more than ten years of common life. In other words, this break is a real blow for those who were called the Brangelina . While Melty’s editing revealed what really happened on the day of the dispute between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie , we now learn that the 41-year-old actress would find it very hard to bear the separation. Moreover, some rumors suggest that she regrets having launched the procedure. Defoliated, Heroine of Tomb Raider would have folded back on itself. A worrying state that worries his six children enormously …
According to Hollywood Life , Angelina Jolie would feel horribly “sad and lonely” since her divorce with Brad Pitt . So much so that her six little offspring would be worry for her, especially the elder Maddox . “All of his children are especially worried about Maddox, and he has taken the role of the man in the house now that Brad is gone.” Maddox is constantly trying to boost his mother’s morale. So that she can live a healthy and happy life, ” a source told the American tabloid. Would Angelina Jolie then be exhausted? Hopefully this is not the case and the movie star quickly regains a smile. A bit like Grant Gustin and LA Thoma who recently got engaged. Moreover, quickly discover their love story in pictures . Do you think we should be worried about Angelina Jolie?