Angelina Jolie as a couple before applying for divorce

Entertainment 14 April, 2017

If the Brangelina’s divorce motive remains unclear, it may be that Angelina Jolie simply fell in love with another man when she was married to Brad Pitt!
We recently revealed to you that Angelina Jolie was ready to remarry very soon with her new boyfriend . For now, the actress did not make presentations between the new man of her life and her children. However, this should be organized in the coming weeks as the star of Tomb Raider would be very much in love with her current boyfriend, a rich British philanthropist businessman. Is this possible fourth remarriage not somewhat quick? It’s only been 7 months that Angelina Jolie has requested a divorce from Brad Pitt . Does the actress know her new boyfriend well? It is very possible because in reality it would be much more than 7 months that Angelina Jolie would be in love with this man still unknown to the general public.
Angelina Jolie would have met her new boyfriend long before parting with Brad Pitt! “Angelina Jolie started flirting with her new man before even breaking with Brad. She met this new guy some time ago when she was still married. , Said a source from Hollywood Life . It is the “generous and philanthropic spirit” of this man who would have seduced Angelina Jolie. “She also has political ambitions she loves. Angie feels that her new guy, if it works, could push her out of Hollywood and into the next phase of her life – the serious political arena.” , Added the indiscreet. It was friends of the star who would have introduced this man to her when she was on holiday in London and since then, the two lovebirds would not leave each other. It only remains to know how Brad Pitt will react on learning of the possible remarriage of Angelina Jolie . And do you think Angelina Jolie really met this man when she was still married to Brad Pitt?