Angelina Jolie: Discover her incredible look-alike

Entertainment 10 April, 2017

We found the look-alike Angelina Jolie. A young 34-year-old mama looks so much like the actress that she is often confused with Brad Pitt’s ex-wife!
Angelina Jolie, whose real reason for her divorce may well have been unveiled , is often cited among the most beautiful women in the world. A perfect body, a face that is just as much, a beautiful green look, we must admit that the actress of Tomb Raider has many assets. And if the vast majority of women would like to look like it, there are some who just have that chance. Indeed, a young 34-year-old mum living in Hales Corners, Wisconsin is the spitting image of Angelina Jolie. The young woman, Melissa Baizen, looks so much like Brad Pitt’s former wife that she admits to being very often confused with the actress . When one sees the photos of Melissa Baizen, one immediately understands why. One would think to see double!
Melissa Baizen looks like two drops of water to Angelina Jolie as you can see HERE, HERE or LA, so she is accosted by many strangers, which would make her partner extremely jealous. If the 34-year-old admits she is sometimes critical of her appearance, the fact that she is often taken for Angelina Jolie has made her feel confident. One thing is certain, Melissa Baizen does not want to be a star! Calling itself a “normal” person , she admits that celebrity can be “embarrassing” or even “overwhelming . ” She also says she is very different from the star but she admits: “I love his films and I admire him very much for his humanitarian work.” Meanwhile , Angelina Jolie, who may one day meet her look-alike, is recovering a smile thanks to a man following his divorce with Brad Pitt. And you, what do you think of the resemblance between Angelina Jolie and her look-alike, Melissa Baizen?