Angelina Jolie divorced, she buys a sumptuous house!

Entertainment 18 April, 2017

It seems that Angelina Jolie has taken the plunge and has finally bought the house of her dreams. Discover the latest details!

Some time ago, we revealed to you that Angelina Jolie had cracked on a sumptuous home in Los Angeles at an exorbitant price . If there were rumors that Brad Pitt’s ex intended to move to London to educate his children, it is not a priori! The actress will stay in the United States to begin her new life without the father of her children. Besides, if we were her, we would not leave this sublime abode. After some hesitation, Angelina Jolie would finally have made a decision and opted for this beautiful villa . Attention to the eyes, it is simply cannon and incredible. We would all see each other in our wildest dreams! Check out all the photos immediately.
Angelina Jolie has the means and has not hesitated to pay the sum of 24,950,000 dollars to afford this sumptuous property that you can (re) discover HERE . It is indeed the former home of Cecil B. DeMille that the actress bought. It has no less than six bedrooms and ten bathrooms. In addition, it offers panoramic views stretching from the Griffith Observatory to the Pacific Ocean. The American director had lived in this area until his death in 1959. For the most curious and fortunate, this dream villa is located at 2.1 acres of Los Feliz Los Angeles, in Laughlin Park. Angelina Jolie and her children will feel good inside and should live happy days. They will, Elsewhere as neighbors Natalie Portman, Kristen Stewart or Casey Affleck. Not too bad we’ll say! While waiting for news about the Brangelina, find out if you are up to date on the latest twists and turns of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie! What do you think of this villa?