Angelina Jolie: Her incredible proof of love to Brad Pitt just before their breakup

Entertainment 12 March, 2017

Amazing rebound in the divorce between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt! The actress had given a very beautiful proof of love to her ex just before their break …
Angelina Jolie wants to bury the hatchet with Brad Pitt ! The actress has become aware of the plight of their children since the announcement of her divorce with Brad, and she wants their negotiations to be cordially. If a part of the press has not hesitated to accuse Angelina Jolie of being a manipulative and merciless woman, it is clear that the star makes her children a priority and that she still holds to his ex. The divorce between Brad Pitt and it was a real shock for all their fans, but obviously also a shock to the main interested! Indeed today we learn that only a few months before the incident in the private jet that pushed her to separate from Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie had a tattoo made by a Thai monk so that their ties tightened . A ritual extremely painful because carried out with a very precise method but much more difficult to bear than the usual tattoo techniques.
And when we see the impressive size of the inscriptions chosen by Angelina Jolie on the photos published by The Mirror , it is realized that the actress had to suffer a lot! Unfortunately for her, this tattoo that symbolized her love for Brad Pitt and that helped to preserve their relationship from the vagaries of life will not have prevented their rupture! We still do not know exactly what happened in the private jet of the two stars so that Angelina Jolie decides to divorce on the spot, but we have every reason to believe that she was very in love. Fortunately the tensions seem to be gradually subsiding between: Brad Pitt would be relieved to have found a common ground with Angelina Jolie , And they would try to find a solution that would preserve the welfare of their children. One thing is certain, we really hope that this couple that made us dream will come to reconcile … What do you think of these revelations?