Angelina Jolie soon remarried, Brad Pitt very angry!

Entertainment 24 April, 2017

Brad Pitt would be very angry that Angelina Jolie is already a couple and ready to remarry with her new man!
Angelina Jolie would be in love again and for a little while already. The actress would have met a British philanthropic businessman who would have melted her heart immediately while she was still married to Brad Pitt. While the Brangelina’s divorce continues, the Tomb Raider star would arrange secret appointments with his new boyfriend in Malibu and plan to introduce him soon to his children. Moreover, she would already be ready to remarry again! One wondered how Brad Pitt would react when he learned that Angelina Jolie was in a couple and thought to say “yes” to another man. As we imagined, the actor is obviously very angry with his ex-wife.
For Brad Pitt, the possible remarriage of his ex-wife is repugnant and exasperating. The actor would have the feeling of being replaced alongside Angelina Jolie but also his children. The idea that his offspring will live with this man is “discouraging” for Brad Pitt who feels both betrayed and hurt. What can be fully understood because Angelina Jolie quickly pulled a line on their marriage. The actor would not make any effort to face the new boyfriend of his ex-wife and would not expect to meet him. However, if this man becomes the father-in-law of his children, he may be obliged to do so. While Angelina Jolie has regained love after their divorce, Brad Pitt would begin to see a ” Other women but would not yet be ready to live something serious. It will take time for the actor to really move on after his divorce. And do you think Brad Pitt is right to be angry with Angelina Jolie?