Angelina Jolie very thin, her health getting worse!

Entertainment 5 February, 2017

The state of health of Angelina Jolie is more and more worrying. The star is very thin and these new images prove it …
If the former couple Brangelina had managed to find a common ground concerning the care of their child, a new pit disrupts their divorce. This time, the two celebrities decided to talk about money and play card on table. There are some days, Angelina Jolie has requested a substantial alimony to Brad Pitt . The actor refuses to yield to the request of his old wife and decides not to let him. One thing is certain, their separation will take a long time. But now, what worries the fans of the actress today is her state of health. In a new video, one finds Angelina Jolie skinnier than ever .
The star Angelina Jolie began behind the camera for “First, They Killed My Father” , a poignant film that will be found soon on Netflix . In the first trailer, we find her explaining her choice of theme and the consequent problems that punctuate the feature film. What we see directly is the thinness of Angelina Jolie . So yes, the interpreter of Lara Croft has always been very thin, but this time, it is striking. If Angelina Jolie has already found love , we hope that her health will improve quickly because his thinness can become very dangerous for health. What do you think of this new video with Angelina Jolie?