Aquaman: What will be the timeline of the film compared to Justice League?

Cinema 30 May, 2017

When will the plot of Aquaman take place exactly? Before or after Justice League events? We finally have the answer to that question!
Who says ” extended universe ” necessarily says ” chronological and narrative consistency “. Finally, normally. And the rule also applies to the movies of the DCEU which, in addition, allows himself to make a little journey in the past with Wonder Woman . Obviously, we know that the events of Patty Jenkins’s feature film take place well before those told in Batman V Superman and, a fortiori , in the future Justice League. What makes a little Wonder Woman a kind of prequel to the film and the rest of the DCEU, building bridges and connections between the past and the present. But what about Aquaman ? It was never officially announced WHEN exactly the plot of the film would unfold, especially as it is supposed to present us the aquatic world of the King of Seven Seas. So much to say that the timeline of the film is a bit fuzzy. Or at least she was. Because melty can now reveal that, yes, Aquaman will make connections with Justice League for the good reason that his plot will go well after the events told in the latter !
And it was Charles Roven, the producer of the film, who confirmed the news during a quick interview with the site Cinemablend. He said: ” Aquaman will be referring to the movie Justice League, and there will be references in Aquaman to what preceded the events in Aquaman, and I think that’s what’s planned .” Well, obviously, no mention is made of these famous references since Justice League, whose Joss Whedon took the lead after the departure of Zack Snyder , has not yet released (duh!). But we know from these few sentences that in the chronology of the DCEU, the events of Aquaman will be much later than those recounted in the Justice League. Which, at bottom, does not surprise us. But it also means that Justice League will have to make a little effort to present to us a minimum the past history of the King of the Seven Seas , if only to help us understand the character. And of course, the words of Charles Roven confirm another detail that has its importance: Aquaman will not – at least not quite – a history of origins. What do you think ? Aquaman will not – at least not quite – a history of origins. What do you think ? Aquaman will not – at least not quite – a history of origins. What do you think ?