Arrow season 5: Episode 19, when will it be broadcast?

Cinema 6 April, 2017

While fans were eagerly awaiting the release of Arrow 19’s episode 19 of season 5, they were very disappointed as our heroes took a well deserved break!
Where are you, Oliver? And yes the meltynauts, you were delighted to sit comfortably in your sofa to enjoy a new episode dedicated to the adventures of Green Arrow? Unfortunately, despite all your research, can not get hold of it? Do not panic ! This is perfectly normal as the rest of the fifth season will not be broadcast immediately on the CW . While Melty’s editorial offered you to discover our criticism of Arrow ‘s Episode 18 episode 18 , we’ll be back with Team Arrow on April 26th on the American network. If we are very sad to have to wait before we know how the battle between Oliver and Prometheus will end, Explains not only the broadcast schedule chosen by the channel but also by the Spring Break of the Americans. Indeed, at this time, the viewers desert the small screen in order to enjoy the spring break.
It is logical, therefore, that CW leaders prefer to postpone the next episodes of the season to ensure better audiences when the holidays are over. One thing is certain, the last part of this fifth chapter is particularly difficult for our heroes. Prometheus never seemed so determined to exert terrific psychological pressure on the mind of Green Arrow . But Felicity is not in the best position either. Completely under the control of Helix’s organization, she seems capable of crossing the line that separates her from evil at any moment. While waiting for more info, discover the confidences of Stephen Amell about the continuation of the season 5 of Arrow.