Arrow season 5: Episode 20, the past of Felicity brought to the spotlight?

Cinema 7 April, 2017

The upcoming Episodes of Arrow Season 5 will feature Felicity and could tell us more about its past!
But when will Episode 19 of season 5 of Arrow show? Oliver Queen has taken a few holidays but will come back at the end of the month to regale us with new adventures and new fights. In the next episode, Adrian Chase will have fled and Helix will reveal to Felicity that they have a way to find him. But as you know, the organization does not help for free or out of sheer kindness in Arrow’s Season 5 . Thus, Helix will not hesitate to ask Felicity to do something enormous but mostly illegal in return. It’s time for the young woman to leave the organization! Will she? One thing is for sure, her past could soon come back to haunt her. Indeed, the executive producer of the series, Marc Guggenheim explained that the ” Episode 20 of Arrow’s season 5 titled “Underneath” would be centered on Oliver and Felicity. All the scenes of Stephen Amell, the interpreter of the hero, will be with Emily Bett Rickards who incarnates the hackeuse.
In episode 20 of Arrow’s season 5 , the flashbacks about Russia will take a short pause and will give way to another period of time that should also be centered on Olicity. “The flashbacks take place at a different time than what we usually do, between season 4 and season 5.”, Marc Guggenheim told TV Line . So we should know a little more about what happened when Oliver and Felicity were alone in taking care of the city after Darhk’s death . What really happened at that time? It may well be that we understand a little better why Felicity did not resist integrating Helix a little later. Before learning more, (Re) discover our criticism of the episode 18 of the season 5 of Arrow in which Diggle opposed the Bratva. And you, what would you like to see in the episode 20 episode 20 flashbacks of Arrow?