Arrow Season 5: Episode 7, a traitor in the team? our criticism

Cinema 17 November, 2016

While the episode 7 of season 5 of Arrow just been aired on the CW, back in detail on key events in “Vigilante”!

arrow-saison-5-episode-4-episode-3-spoilersBetrayal galore! And yes meltynautes last night, it’s a very transient episode that we proposed the flagship series for the CW . If it was not downright exciting, it had the merit to reserve some surprises. Indeed, either in flashbacks or in the present, our hero must manage traitors and that, that bothers us. While the editorial ‘of melty proposed to discover if the episode delay between Arrow and The Flash would affect the timeline , set back on the main events in “Vigilante” . And the least we can say is that the new vigilante is far from respecting the rules that are necessary Team Arrow since the beginning of the season. Torn between the desire to let him act as they are on the same side and the fear of seeing a dangerous cross cap, the team members fail to agree . No wonder that when we know how Oliver has difficulty grant his confidence but this time, we should have trouble blaming both the Vigilante seems violent and categorically forcing our heroes to question. Are his methods good? Should he do everything to protect the city at risk of going against its principles and harm to innocent or is it better to do less in order to keep intact its values?
That’s a complicated question for Oliver who fails to stay on a single course of conduct since the beginning of the series. And there is something to question, since, as he himself admits in this episode, things are downright worsened since the last four years. The new vigilante thus causing trouble and even seems convincing Wild Dog, Mister Terrific and Artemis kill the bad guys that is not a bad idea as they accused the same to Oliver last week. You will understand, our team is a bit lost and do not really know how to face the criminals of the city and the persistent attacks of Prometheus as a shadow lurking around Green Arrow . In the end, everyone comes to understand the methods of Vigilante are not good, but the latter managed to escape while as Green Arrow had to master. At the editorial ‘of melty, we believe that this is Adrian Chase behind the Vigilante mask as both characters seem to share the same degree of violence. Speaking of secret identity, we never believed that Lance could lend his features to Prometheus and this episode has only confirmed that the former policeman was wrong. Besides, the complicity that exists between Thea and Quentin is very interesting and we like the father Report / girl who moved them. Fingers crossed that Lance better go fast.
Meanwhile, flirting between Susan and Oliver continues and this dynamic is little credible. Indeed, after betraying Thea early season, difficult to have full confidence in the young woman who nevertheless seems sincerely attracted by Oliver. But we can not help but wonder if she did not try to approach him in order to get information about our heroes in order to write a juicy story. We hope this is not the case but we are at Star City and we know that the number of characters that we can trust is very limited. We will see how this will evolve, but one thing seems certain, the Olicity relationship is definitely over. For its part, Diggle handles less well being enclosed and therefore engages in fits of rage to subside. Luckily his friends are there for him and not the last to give him nice surprises. Finally, the end of the episode we revealed the treachery of Artemis which has always been more or less in conflict with Oliver. Is it really the associated Prometheus? What secret does it cover? In short, it was a rather quiet episode but had the merit to show us a lot of new information. Pending more information, see the David Ramsey confidences about the original Team in season 5 of Arrow. Do you think Artemis really plotting against the Team?