As to your buddy who leaves early drinks, you can tell these characters: “You changed you!”

Cinema 7 February, 2017

Character, origin, family, clothing style or other: you no longer recognize the character. Again, it makes us laugh, imagine the malaise in truth.
The question that arises is: was it totally wanted, planned and mastered by the creators? Or were they so tangled the brushes that they no longer remembered at all how was the character at the beginning of the story? Because the changes were sometimes surprising. Examples.
Marcus Brody in “Indiana Jones”
In “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” this man is a confirmed and recognized intellectual. One can not more serious, of appearance and behavior, Marcus Brody is a square guy. And two years later, in “The Last Crusade”, it’s a big tart who loses himself in his own museum …
Superman in the comics
At the base, when he first appeared in a comic, he grew up in an orphanage, possessed a physical structure in advance of millions of years on us but did not fly. And today, we are told that he was raised on a farm by Jonathan and Martha Kent and his powers come from the sun. And let him fly, quiet.
Jason Voorhees in “Friday 13”
I suspect friend Jason of being a big myth. From film to film, during the saga, it changes. Once drowned man, once large calibrated once zombie once held in garage of guy with a mask once cyborg space … Sacre-change.
Stan Smith in “American Dad”
In costume, straight as an I, serious, Stan breathes seriousness. Above all, this is ultra conservative . And a few seasons later, we see him strutting in Borat’s outfit, embarking on naughty, eccentric, even bizarre sexual experiences. He goes more and more to the evenings!
Penny Halliwell in “Charmed”
BACKGROUND: In 1967, she is young, redhead, hippie and has a daughter. Attention is projected eight years later. 1975: a watch, brunette, grandmother, with two children. I do not mind it to go quickly, life coughed coughed … Anyway, I do not like people taking me for a fool either.
Kelly Kapoor in “The Office”
As the saying goes, she made pot of flowers. Almost motionless, especially not wanting to be noticed, Kelly is discreet and never speaks . And after ? She speaks. Too much. Too much. A bit gamine on the edges in addition.
Steve Hale in “Party at Home”
How do I change character names in the same series? Change character, elementary. Except that actor Scott Weinger did better . Incarnating the same character, he began by calling himself Peters. Then he became Steve Hale. Easy.
Angus MacGyver in “MacGyver”
A guy who knew how to evolve, who simply reflected. In the first episode, we see him with a big gun, strafing those who pursue him. Then for the rest of the series, Mac will be a fervent opponent to firearms . He developed an aversion. To the limit, in this sense, it is said that he repented and it passes. What other examples have you seen?