Assassin’s Creed, The Movie: How to Understand the Movie Without Playing Games?

Cinema 21 December, 2016

You want to see the movie Assassin’s Creed but do not know anything about games? Small catch-up session in this article!
Today released the first movie Assassin’s Creed, while a trilogy is in development . If you have not seen the movie and ignore all of the universe, melty decided to organize a small meeting of catching up to allow you to have all the tools in your possession to understand the issues . Of course, the best still remains to play one or more episodes of videogame license. Between Abstergo, the Templars, the assassins or the Animus, this article will try to summarize in the simplest way what characterizes the universe imagined by the French studio Ubisoft. Because first news: it is indeed creatives of our home that are the origin of this saga!
First, be aware that Callum Lynch ( Michael Fassbender ), the main character of the film does not exist in video games . It is an invention dedicated to this Assassin’s Creed which completes the universe already developed on consoles since 2007. The man finds himself here prisoner of the multinational Abstergo and in the obligation – nonviolent – to travel in The memories of his ancestor Aguilar of Nehra thanks to the Animus, as in video games. As a surprise, it is possible for Abstergo to know everything about your family tree and past events thanks to the memory contained in your DNA. But then for what purpose does this secret society employ the Animus?
Three words: The Apple of Eden . This artefact has been sought for hundreds of years by the Templars in order to eradicate violence by subjecting the free will of the Men to its power. For surprise: Abstergo = Templars. This company allows them to advance in the shadows and thus achieve their goal by exploring the genetic memory of the descendants of ancestors they capture. And this is exactly the case of Callum Lynch in the film as Desmond in the games. The fact that Abstergo can pass the hero of the film to death and thus exploit it in their center of experimentation proves the great power of this organization whose ties with governments are very close.
Aguilar de Nehra, ancestor of Callum Lynch, is an assassin who lived during the Spanish Inquisition. Like most warriors of his rank, the man is endowed with great agility allowing him to fight effectively his enemies but especially to traverse the structures with ease. Without forgetting that with its annular sectioned, Aguilar is able to make pass a secret blade and thus eliminate in discretion its enemies. This is one of the features – besides the assassin’s outfit – that best represents the Assassin’s Creed games. In the film Assassin’s Creed, which behind the scenes were revealed in unprecedented featurette , these iconic scenes are obviously present through time travel Callum Lynch in the skin of his ancestor.
With all these elements to you, no doubt you can understand the film Assassin’s Creed without playing the games. Even if the best thing to do is to get you to better grasp the new film Justin Kurzel, produced hand in hand with the Ubisoft studio at the origin of the franchise. And you, you see stuff to add to this summary?