Batman: 5 characters we would like to see in the film of Ben Affleck

Cinema 23 December, 2016

While the production of the next Batman film continues, discover 5 characters we would like to see!
New characters! Some people hated Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice , while others think it is the best superhero film of all time. Whatever our opinion, difficult not to recognize the great performance of Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne, which led Warner Bros. to formalize the release of a new Batman for 2018 . For now, we know that the characters of Alfred, Jim Gordon and Deathstroke will be present in the film, but here are 5 other characters that we would like to see in the next Dark Knight adventure!
Dick Grayson may be no longer Robin, but his time with Batman has created the personality of Nightwing. Jason Todd is no longer the long story – Batman v Superman made this fact very clear – but the whereabouts of Dick were never addressed. Given the age of Bruce, it is likely that the character is in the area and especially the first Robin became Nightwing . Batman will certainly need help in this new adventure and as the story will not be based on the Justice League, this support could come from a more realistic character like Nightwing.
Batman is never better than when an entire team surrounds him and part of this fact comes from the presence of Barbara Gordon. Now that Jim Gordon has been introduced into the League of Justice, the first appearance of his daughter should not be long. The duo Bruce / Barbara may not be to the agenda, but Batman would be the right time to provide the foundations of their relationship.
Given the age of Bruce in the new saga, hard to imagine that Selina Kyle is not around in the movie Batman . She would not even need to be a Catwoman since the fans only want to see Selina use her unique means to get into Bruce’s head. The relationship between Bruce and Selina is one that helps define the character of Batman throughout his story. One could even say that after Alfred, Joker and Jason Todd (Robin), no character is more important to Batman as Catwoman.
Already present in Suicide Squad , we found that his story has many struggles against Batman. In fact, if the film were to take place in Gotham and we offer several well-established villains, Deadshot should be involved in some way, type flashbacks at a minimum. Deathstroke will certainly be the main enemy of our hero, so a large part is not necessary for Deadshot , but it would be nice to be sufficiently present to explain his hatred of Batman.
The story of this character was one of the best bows of DC comics , showing us all the knowledge of the authors. It is time that the franchise introduces it in order to lead us gradually to the emergence of Double-Face. The friend of Batman prosecutor before becoming one of its main enemy has a compelling story and one of the few logical reasons why it does not appear in Batman v Superman is the long list of characters appearing in the film.
We do not doubt that the film will not fail to surprise us by proposing unexpected characters to us. Besides, Armie Hammer (UNCLE Code) may join the cast of Batman. Which character would you like to see in Batman?