Bella Thorne deceives Tyler Posey with Charlie Puth? The actress finally reacts!

Entertainment 23 December, 2016

It’s the big bad buzz of yesterday … Bella Thorne would have deceived Tyler Posey with Charlie Puth … The actress emerged from his silence and finally reacted! Discover his message …
The info has been a bombshell last night … Bella Thorne misled Tyler Posey with Charlie Puth and the singer was immediately clashée on Twitter. Suffice to say that it was pretty violent and we had not seen it coming the … The interpreter of “One Call Away” has settled accounts on the social network, chaining tweets and considerate fans That he was not aware of anything … But especially that Bella Thorne would have lied to him by promising that she had broken with Tyler Posey … Well in the end it would not have been the case and the fans of three stars have learned via Twitter after an article was published. Wash dirty linen in public is not terrible but Charlie Puth should really be raised … He even apologized to Tyler Posey . Cute careful .. . In any case, today it is the turn of Bella Thorne to react and respond to this rumor ….
All fans of Charlie Puth and Tyler Posey were rampaging on social networks against Bella Thorne . In the space of a few hours, she became the enemy of thousands of fans and all the comments went there. If we were wondering if the actress would remain silent, well we have the answer and that is not the case. Bella Thorne reacted on Twitter and posted this tweet to try to save his reputation: “Ty and I broke up for about two weeks, and Charlie and I ARE NOT COUPLE, we’re friends This article was written. a long time ago.” . Moreover, we can see that it has retweeted a tweet from a fan commenting the message of Charlie Puth: “Why does he not you sent a message privately to @bellathorne if you were confused This interview is old?. I’m sorry Bella, Ignore him. ” . What is really going on between them? Anyway, they seemed to be more than friends on the beach in Miami … to be continued but in the meantime, find out if you are a true fan of Bella Thorne! What do you think of his reaction?