Bella Thorne forgets Tyler Posey and Charlie Puth with a woman!

Entertainment 2 January, 2017

Bye bye Tyler Posey and Charlie Puth! Bella Thorne shared a sexy photo of her New Year’s Eve party with a mysterious young woman.
The end of year was very eventful for Belle Thorne! The young woman seems to have deceived her boyfriend Tyler Posey with Charlie Puth. The singer did not hesitate to clashing violently on Twitter . A real scandal followed! Bella Thorne then found herself in the middle of a huge bad buzz when Internet users did not hesitate to point her finger and defend Tyler Posey and Charlie Puth. But the singer and actress does not expect to let down on the contrary. Bella Thorne seems to want to forget everything and what better time to put behind her past than the New Year? The young woman seems to be already moved on and determined to start 2017 off right and in good company . The star posted particularly via its account Instagram a sexy shot of Eve when she kisses a mysterious young woman!
“Everybody needs a New Year kiss from a friend.” Writes Bella Thorne in photo caption. But if the star called a kiss “friendly” , it seems still passionate and it may well be more than friendship between her and her “friend.” However, Bella Thorne, who nevertheless showed so in love with Tyler Posey, would not want to rush into a new love story. “Bella is happy that the drama of her breakup and her time with Charlie has come and gone, she realizes she needs time to be single and she knows she rushed after her relationship with Gregg Sulkin to go straight into the arms of Tyler Posey and it was not the best of ideas. ” a source told Hollywood Life . But is Bella Thorne really unmarried? Stay tuned ! And in your opinion, is Bella Thorne already recast?