Beyonce and Jay Z in cold, his former manager speaks!

Entertainment 17 February, 2017

As Beyonce’s confinement approaches, we discover that there are some tensions between the Hollywood couple. Is the singer and her Jay Z cold?
She created the event with her latest photo Instagram. After several months of absence, Beyonce announced her pregnancy surprise . The little Blue Ivy is going to have not one but two babies to pouponner. Yes, Queen B and Jay Z are expecting twins . For the time being, the sex of their children has not been revealed, even if the languages ​​begin to loose recently. The father of the interpreter of “Crazy In Love” would have made a beautiful blunder by revealing that the two lovers were expecting a boy and a girl. However, it will take a few more months to learn more. In any case, another person gave more information about Beyoncé and Jay Z lately. The former manager of Bey has unveiled that ”
It is not the first time that the rumors of divorce between Beyoncé and Jay Z circulate on the Web. However, today, these are unexpected statements from the former manager of Queen B , Bryan “Kenny” Moore. For him, the couple is in cold for a long time and the surprise pregnancy of the international singer is made to paste the pieces between them. According to Bryan “Kenny” Moore , Beyonce follows the same path as her mother: “She fought tooth and nail to save her marriage and Beyoncé is made in the same mold, nothing is going to shoot him, not even his marriage” . But then, Beyoncé and Jay Z, who have just spent a fortune on the arrival of the Carter twins , Are they really on the brink of divorce? Only the future will tell us…